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Patrick Mann

I am originally from Summerville, SC, and attended a baptist church growing up. I was raised in a Christian household and was regularly active in the church. I made my public profession of faith when I was young.


Towards high school and college, I turned my focus solely on what I thought were bigger priorities. In doing so, there was a void in my heart that nothing could fill. It wasn’t until after college that I really understood that I needed God in my life again. I thought that I could figure out everything on my own, but learned, through a lot of ups and downs, that I am nothing without Him. That void in my life is where Christ met me, and through His grace and mercy, He has given me purpose in my life.


I met my wife, Claire, at Rivercrest and we got married in 2020. We happily live in Lexington, SC with our dog, Rue. We have been blessed with people and relationships that we have formed because of our involvement in this community of faith. We are also very blessed to have the ability to serve with the Worship Team. I love the people here because they hold us accountable and I enjoy fellowship with my Christian brothers and sisters.

Patrick Mann
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