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As a biblical, evangelistic, disciple-making church, our goal is to foster a missional community in which each man, woman, and child, will have the opportunity to be exposed to the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.​


​Our desire is to be a sending body, raising up a generation of disciple-making disciples, walking in the faith and understanding that Jesus is still actively building His Church. What that means is that every member is finding his or her role in God's redemptive mission. And even though that can be an intimidating thought, it's the call that God has placed on the life of every disciple.

Our name speaks to this reality. The crest of the river is the point at which it overflows its borders and spills over and outside of its presumed limits. Like a flood, it's the point where the content spills over into the areas that are often thought to be beyond reach. This is the impact of the gospel message when heard and received. As it saturates our existence, it breaks barriers and crosses into the areas of life that seemed off limits.

This is our missional aim.



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