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Nathan Jones

I was born here in Columbia, SC and was blessed to be raised in a Christian household where my parents instilled these values at a young age. I was involved in Church group and individual activities that helped shape my Christian walk with God but it wasn't until the end of my years in college that I really understood the depravity of my sins and my need to rely on Christ daily. Even though I am a sinner who fails often to put Christ first in my life, I am truly grateful for the grace that God offers through his son Jesus Christ whose blood was shed for me so that I may live with him in Heaven one day.


I have been married for 3 years to my faithful and loving wife Laine (Huggins) Jones who points me towards Jesus in the way she loves and serves the people around her, she has played an instrumental part in my Christian experience and has helped me pursue the Lord in everything I do.


I have been blessed to meet lots of new people and grow relationships from the first services of Rivercrest and have been a part of a community group that has continued to challenge me and be one of the things that has most impacted me during my time at Rivercrest. I hope to serve the people of Rivercrest with honor and faithfulness and to be someone people can count on.

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